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Originally Posted by EJ25subie05 View Post
its normal at least it was for my old lgt at stage 2 and both of my buddies wrx. ones a 2006 and the other a 2012 they both get a smell inside after running it hard. if you would drive behind them and they get on it, its only a matter of seconds before that subie smell enters your cab
What is the smell coming from though? It's concerning, nothing should be 'burning' while driven.

Originally Posted by JMLegacy View Post
So what exactly is that smell? Cause I'm smelling it too. lol.
It's only noticeable when you pop the hood or inside the car. The exhaust pipe doesn't smell that way
I'm trying to figure this out. I am almost suspecting something plastic is cheap and not safe for the heat. Debating removing the engine cover. Remember Subaru is a tractor company first.

Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
I'm still thinking it's all the crap getting hot.

My wagon doesn't have any smells when I drive it hard, because it's used to it.

Engine saw redline 3 times yesterday on the drive home from work.

Drove it to VT and back over the weekend again, no smells.
I guess it's important to note 3 redlines wouldn't be considered hard for me.

When I mean hard. I mean sitting above 4K, in and out of boost, high g load (limit of suspension & tires) on some of the twistiest back roads. Heavy braking, and driving it 4-5th/10ths. Cutting the proper line, not just following the road. 2-3 times the posted limit. And before every one gets pissed, if you were out here you'd go 3-5 hours before you saw another car. These are 'those' deserted Southern Nevada roads you see on all the TV shows. On the track in the sports car I'd drive as hard is 8/10ths. So at 4-5/10ths it shouldn't be anywhere near enough 'heat' to cause problems.

Keep in mind I'll have the Honda sitting between 6-8k all day. Not a single smell beyond toasty brakes and rubber.