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MA help opening up trans
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Hey everyone,

I have an 06 spec b and have been having trouble with the transmission. It started on the 29th of september when a bunch of lgt's went to go get dyno'ed.

I put mine on the dyno but i wasnt getting power to the rear wheels and it would make a loud grinding noise coming from the transmission. I thought bad center diff.

So i gave it to my mechanic to look at and also his colleague who replaces center diffs all day for work and they both concluded that based on the symptoms that the center diff wasnt the problem. Meanwhile my mechanic noticed i had a stuck left caliper. He fixed that and i went back to go dyno.... same thing happened again.

But it sounds fine while driving, although i think i hear a whining sound while driving. But i dont hear the grinding sound. So, the other day it snowed and I was driving up a really snowy steep hill and would think with the subie i would have no trouble. I start to go up it, but the car was sent to the left and then to the right and back to the left and to the right all while climbing the hill and WITHOUT me turning the steering wheel. So there is definitely somthing wrong with the awd system.

So then i go down the hill and end up sliding into a snow bank 4 inches from a fire hydrant thank god! So i put it in reverse and try to get out of the snow... but i hear the grinding noise for the first time besides on the dyno. The front wheels must have been spinning and the car was barely moving. So at that point i decided there is definitely somthing wrong and I need to address it before I crash in the snow.

Heres my situation. I dont have 2k to replace the transmission nor the money to waste to pay a mechanic $400 to open up the transfer case to see what the problem is. Also wanting to learn a lot more about my car.

So I was looking to see if anybody in the Central Mass area (Im from Worcester) that has experience doing this kind of thing, would lend a hand in helping me see whats going on in there?

Would happily supply beer


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