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05LGT, no TPS, no issues with rims or stems, when tires get rotated the fronts stay consistent, rears lose pressure at different rate left/right. I'm more concerned over PSI difference on same axle.
It's the tires. They suck. Have read other reports about trouble maintaining pressure.
I have read one account on a Subaru Forester forum where Subaru of Africa apparently recommends same pressure all around but I don't know to what extent to trust it, it was just a statement with no evidence to back it up. Local dealer doesn't seem to pay particular attention to this bias. They MAY ask if you want 32 or 35, will do all 4 at that pressure and send you on your merry way.
I completely agree that a PSI difference does have an impact to the awd drivetrain, but 2PSI should be within tolerance, all things being equal.
If I were to rely on forum opinion what I have seen so far through my searches leads back to drivability, not drivetrain issues unless of course, like I said, the difference is significant.
Furthermore, is the 2PSI difference based on percentage rather than raw number? If we are to run higher than stock pressure, should the bias also differ?
Unless I come across a preponderence of evidence indicating running all 4 at the same pressure ruins shit, so far it seems to point it is of no consequence and I have no reason to doubt that, even based on personal experience.

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