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I told you something's wrong and based on your logs I can tell I'm probably right. Unfortunately, your logs aren't very useful.

1) I'm assuming this is a stock tune.

2) Even if it's not, something's still not right. Your have very small positive knock control advance (aka Dynamic Advance) which indicates that timing is being pulled.

3) Read this:

4) Log the following please and remove everything else. Also, please make sure Fast Polling is enabled and disable "absolute timestamps" (having timestamps in milliseconds is preferred.)

Boost Error* (psi)
Engine Load (4-Byte)* (g/rev)
Engine Speed (rpm)
Feedback Knock Correction (1-byte)** (degrees)
Fine Learning Knock Correction (1-byte)** (degrees)
Gear (Calculated)* (position)
IAM (1-byte)** (multiplier)
Ignition Total Timing (degrees)
Intake Air Temperature (F)
Knock Sum* (count)
Manifold Relative Pressure (4-byte)*
Mass Airflow (g/s)
Primary Wastegate Duty Cycle (%)
Throttle Opening Angle (%)

I'm asking for a lot of items, but it'll give us a good look at what's going on. Many of those parameters will not show up on your logging list until your laptop is actually connected to the ECU so plug it in first.

5) Do your logs from 2K-redline in 3rd gear. It's hard and you need a long empty stretch of road to do it safely. If you can't get to redline, it's okay, but at least start from 2K and go as high as you can safely go for us.

6) Post a Learning View screenshot.

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