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Excellant post hadvw

I have had throttle body gaskets in my garage for a few months intending to just pull mine off and clean it and put it back on.

I too for some time have suspected the throttle body motor.

The thing with my car for whatever reason is now that its cooler out it is running perfect

Makes me wonder if when its super hot out the actual electric motor is having trouble.

Anyway I plan on taking mine off cleaning it real good an putting it back on to see what happens. May not know for sure on mine til warmer weather.

One other note is when my car was really stumbling I noticed it was worse at ever so slight throttle. Like the slight signal to the motor on slight throttle is not moving the plate enough as in its dirty or the movements in the motor are not as good as they were 190k ago.

I may even try replacing the TB on mine with a new one. We shall see.

Thanks again for your post it seems as we were on the same wave link LOL

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