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Originally Posted by mwiener2 View Post
You're doing it wrong. Search "burping"
well i did, I followed Rao in the past like 5 times 6 months ago and lower radiator hose was still cold with engine up to temp and I did test the thermostat, put it in a pot and wait for it to open before the water boils

then the other method was..fill..... mainly diff is to leave the upper radiator cap off and put a funnel on and fill it a bit. when up to temp slowly squeeze upper radiator hose to release and air bubbles, and rev engine a few times to chase out the remaining bubbles. didnt work either

*heater on full blast both times

Originally Posted by rao
Here i s how to avoid the problem next time:

1. Fill the radiator to the top and put on the round cap. Once it has been filled DO NOT OPEN THAT CAP AGAIN.
2. Fill the overflow up to the MIN mark.
3. Fill the tank by the turbo and leave the cap OFF.
4. Start the car, heat on max, AC off (so the fan stays off) let it IDLE until the fans turn on, which means that the thermostat is open.
5. Add coolant to top off the tank by the turbo then put the cap on and you are DONE
6. Keep an eye on the tank by the turbo for the next few days and add coolant i f necessary.
7. Also keep an eye on the over flow tank when the engine is cold and add coolant if it is below the MIN line

This works every time and is easy.
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