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So...P0021 Code Read at shop...What to know about it?
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Well my car has had this problem for a couple of months now, called the dealer and they told me it was most likely a loose gas cap (Engine light on, with flashing cruise) So I tightened the cap and it went away for a short while. Well it has been off and on 4 times now so I took it to a shop for further investigation and they pulled a P0021 code. They didnt know exactly what it was only that it had to do with cam timing or OCV. They told me to take it to a dealer for further investigation.

Well after doing some research on the code I cant find any real solid information. Came up with a few things but nothing solid. The car seems to run fine when warm, and still boosts fine. But what I have noticed is listed below, any clues on what it actually is before I take it to the dealer. (Let me know if any behavior is normal)

-Car takes a couple seconds to start when ice cold
-When fully warm, car will shake slightly (also at stop signs)
-When cold will lurch (jerk) forward then stop and so on when going at slower speeds
-Burns "normal" amount of oil

To my knowledge as second owner banjo screens have not been removed, catted up pipe still stock, and bought it with non-synthetic oil in it (Replaced with fully synthetic) Currently 89,500 miles on ODO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!
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