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Thanks for the replys! Yeah he said he was pretty set at 10k. My issue is that if the inspection turns up CV boots or something (which I am figuring to prob will) that's another couple hundred and combined with the tires that are pretty bald, easily a grand in repairs right off the bat. So if the car blue books for $9100, and needs a grand of work, how bad do I really want/need the bolt ons and access port? I was thinking $9000 or walk. My insurance check should be right around 10k, so if he agreed to $9k I could fix the current issues and feasibly be good till the timing belt in a year or two at 105k miles.

Def appreciate more insight. There are 3 05s in phx right now, one has the same mods, but 103k miles and hasn't had the timing belt done and is also asking $11k, so its out, and one that's stock and red(yuck) with 167k miles and they are asking $12k which is ridiculous, so at the current moment this one appears to be the best bet.

I hear you on the liking to go fast thing, and it does scare me a little, but the car is pretty immaculate. The mods were done by FAT(forced air tech) a local speed shop and the accessport was sent in for a tune, so at least it wasn't built and tuned by some kid in his parents garage... I'm waiting to hear what the dealer says.

So is the consensus this far to wait it out? Try to find a stock one? I do love that BOV noise tho, and the Borla exhaust, which would coste $1000 or so that I don't want to spend ATM.

Thanks again, and keep the thoughts coming please!!