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Flashing CEL, comes and goes
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Update as of 1/7/2013, 1566 miles since plug change. Car is actually running stronger than it has in a long time. Gas mileage is down from around 22-23, mixed driving to 20-21. I guess the car is running more rich than it should but man is it strong!
Update as of 12/31. 1,223 miles since below mentioned changed of plugs. Car still running strong and idling smoothly.
Update as of 12/20. 953 miles since the change to Bosch copper plugs. No CEL's or issues to report. Car is still as smooth as butter.
Update as of 12/5. 230 miles on change to Bosch copper spark plugs and no CEL or issues.

Yep, flashing CEL, not constant and no flashing cruise. I will be as brief as possible on this but I'd really appreciate some input before I drop the car off Monday to be checked further.

05 GT, 5AT. 119K. I had a previous thread about a random CEL which was a cylinder 2 misfire but I haven't had the issue for a while--over 2k miles.

Yesterday while cruising around 55 and started to climb a small hill, the car started shuttering. If I let off the gas it cleared up but the second I touched the pedal, the entire car started trembling. I quickly pulled over and the problem cleared up. No CEL at this point.

I drove on to work, no issues. Leaving work after about 10 minutes of driving, the shake/tremble is back and the CEL starts flashing but no flashing cruise like before and typically the CEL was NOT flashing but now it is. Car has NO power. I pull over, wait a couple mintues, the flashing CEL goes off, car clears up and I take off because I'm only a few minutes from home.

Another mile down the road, CEL flashing, car trembling when I press the gas pedal. I pull over, put it in neutral and it wants to die. Sounds like it's missing horribly. But wait, it clears up, running smooth. I'm so close to home, I take a back road and the car is running like a top. I open it up, out of curiosity, the turbo kicks in, sets me back in my seat and runs like the day I bought it 7 years ago. A couple miles from home, the shake/tremble is back, the flashing CEL is back so at this point, I'm getting annoyed how it's coming and going and said, screw it, if it blows it blows.

Yet again, the car smooths out, the flashing CEL goes off and I kick it down again but this time, I don't get pushed back into my seat. It's like the turbo isn't working. The car is NOT shaking/trembling/missing but it is way down on power. A mile or so away from home it's again running like new. Then I turn into my driveway, yep, flashing CEL, shaking, trembling etc... Pull into the garage and the car is idling but sounds like it's missing. I pop the hood, and it smelled like something was really hot or burning. All the gauges inside were good, no other lights, no oil pressure light, nothing.

Started the car this morning and it's rough. Shaking/trembling/missing so I turn it off. I had already called the local shop yesterday and scheduled an appt. They are getting it in Monday. But even with the car shaking/missing this morning, there were NO CEL's which I thought was odd.

When I was having the random cylinder 2 misfire, I had a local engine builder do a compression/leak down test etc and everything was great so if anyone has any ideas of what this could be, please let me know.

Much appreciated!

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