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Originally Posted by flash40 View Post

1. How does the 2.5L feel in the '10,'11, or '12? I mean, is it fun to drive? Good acceleration, good pull?

2. A friend told me that their 2010 Legacy drove like a boat, which I found a little hard to believe. Opinions?
Acceleration with the 2010+ Legacy with CVT will be an odd sensation for you if you've never experienced it before. It's funny that your friend described it as driving a boat, because it is a similar sensation the way the engine jumps up to a higher RPM and stays there until you reach your speed and/or back off the throttle.

As you may know, the 2013's use the newer FB series 2.5 as opposed to the old EJ253 used up 'till 2012. The FB25 is rated as being slightly more powerful and the CVT and suspension supposedly have minor changes over the 2010-2012. I've not driven a 2013, but I highly doubt they are night/day different than the 2010-2012. The FB25 should cost less to maintain as it ages because it does not use a timing belt like the EJ253 does. However, if you ever have water pump or head gasket issues with the FB25, the costs for repair would be way higher than the EJ253 because of it's complexity.

Like said, you really can't compare a Corolla to a Legacy. These are two cars from entirely different classes. Even a base model Impreza would be more of a 'driver's car' than a Corolla.

Nothing against a Corolla. They are about as reliable and economical as they get, plus you could drive it for 5yrs, not put a dime into it, and still sell it for a ton of money. Subaru is the same resale-wise, but can be more expensive to maintain with the AWD and such.


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