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Blown IHI VF40 Turbo (2005 Outback XT)
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While driving my Sub lost power and started to make a nice racket, also threw some check engine lights. Lmped it home and when we read the codes they all tied to the air intake, also the oil was low but no oil light has come on. The air inlet hose on the turbo was pushed off slightly so we figured that was the source of the codes but this didn't stop the noise (we didn't figure it would but you can always hope right?) so we investigated further...

The noise it was coming from the turbo (an IHI VF40) so we pulled it and found that it had a broken shaft (significant shaft movemet) and associated damage. The oil line out of the bottom (assuming the return line) fractured during removal but looked like it had already cracked and was horribly brittle, otherwise no other parts look like they have any issues.

So I need a turbo to get my ride going again, along with a new oil line and probably a couple odds and ends too but that leads to my problem...

Do I:

1. Get a new stock replacement IHI VF40 (quoted $1050-$1200)

2. Rebuild the current one (quoted $650, not certain of success)

3. Get a used bolt-on replacement IHI VF40 (prices seem tied to mileage)


4. Get a new bolt on repacement (like a BNR VF40-EVO16G w/ filtered oil line)

I'm leaning towards a bolt on replacement that doesn't require tuning, though I would look to tune it as well as put on a turbo timer. I'm interested in getting it running and getting a reliable Subaru and getting it back fast. I'm less concerned about performance upgrades. That said I would be happy if the fix also addressed the poor performance of the OEM turbo which is truly awful. Bottom line, I'm looking for the least expensive, best result producing and foolproof bolt-on option that will solve all my know, the usual.

Thanks for your input!
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