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Yeah part 3 of that video is the transmission drain plug (which in the video is an external hex for some reason). Im almost positive our cars are all internal hex on the tranny (at least on autos).

If you filled the oil up without draining it, it will be very overfilled. Best bet is to drain it comletely and refill to the correct amount, and also dont forget to top off the tranny. I do not know the fluid amount for a drain and fill of the tranny off the top of my head though.

The oil plug is right in front of the crossmember on which the engine sits.

FYI the tranny fills through its dipstick located on the drivers side of the transmission toward the firewall. The passenger side dipstick is the front diff if you have an automatic. If you have a manual then I believe the front diff and tranny share the same fluid. You will need a long, thin funnel.

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