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First off, this post has been handy for me (as I just did my first oil change on this car).

This has me somewhat worried now though. As I am comparing the photos you took, with a video I looked at earlier. Even though both claim to be for the same vehicle, I'm now thinking I may have removed the wrong bolt?

I watched the video at this site:

In part 3 of the video "Locate Oil Drain Plug". It zoom's in on a bolt that I'm supposed to remove. This bolt looks a lot farther back then the one you show in your pictures (in your pictures the bolt looks really close to the filter).

My oil filter I removed by getting at it from the passenger side by the bumper. (accessed it by that plastic door thing you show)

But the "Oil Drain Plug" I removed by getting at it under the car right by my drivers side door. Could this maybe have been for my transmission fluid?

Any help on this is much appreciated, as I want to make sure I didn't remove the wrong fluid..