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Originally Posted by DOHCEJ22E1 View Post
Not to jack this thread but I have a question.
Considering that I have a hybrid (25D top-end/22E bottom-end), does this mean that my oil capacity has increased from the stock 22E?
I would imagine so because of the bigger heads but I would like that verified because if that's true, that would mean I would probably have to run a slightly larger filter than the Subaru blue or the Mobil 1 to compensate for that increased oil capacity.
Any word on this would be appreciated
I started using the conventional stuff to wear the heads & block in together but switched to 50% Rotella T6/50% semi-synthetic Valvoline after a cam seal leak incident.

I am really not sure on this as it depends on the clearance or amount of oil that flows through the top end while your engine is in operation. you would assume bigger heads have more oil flowing around them so in theory your oil capacity would have increased slightly. so your oil pump could be working harder to keep your oil pressure up if it is low on oil. you wont need to change oil filters however your dipstick may not give a 100% accurate representation of whats going on.

If things were 50/50 and 22e is 4.0L and a 25D is 4.5 you would be .25L short running it at 4.0l. I am not saying they are though Boxer engines don't mind being overfilled a little bit anyways. if it were my car I might top it up to 4.1 but I would continue to search for answer hopefully someone else can chime in