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anyone with a turbo Ej engine loves rotella t6, good to hear it runs just as well in the N/A subaru's. From wrx owners perspectives if they even ran mobil 1 5w-30 in their cars it would degrade quickly and burn and leave lots of residue. Because it is a parrafin based oil(which really can't handle the temperature a turbo puts out) where as rotella t6 is not.

Old motorcycles cannot use the garbage oil produced for them in this day and age, but they all love rotella! so do Semis, generators and tanks. where as VW has agreements with motul and castrol on their oil preference, all the service guys quietly dump rotella into their engine, it is seriously the best bang for your buck in an engine oil.

I run straight t6 in my ej20, It had recieved motul prior to that as a superior oil but I wouldn't pay for motul on a daily driver.

Even my tercel gets 50/50 Rotella T6 / Pnzoil Platinum Basically 2 shell synthetic oils with the same base packages that I blended together to attain 5w-30 , that thing gets the oil changed every 6500k miles and still looks clean.

Also on my tercel I run a oil filter for a Camry, it allows the same oil pressure through it but holds an extra .3 Litres of oil which takes my tercel from 2.9L to 3.2L. More oil means that the oil will take longer to become dirty and will dissipate heat better, as well as the larger filter being able to capture more before having its bypass fail and all your oil circulate and do whatever the hell it wants. I don't know if anyone has done this on a Subie, but the results would not be as dramatic because ej25 holds upwards of 4 litres to begin with I think??? my ej20 takes 4.8 nearly a full jug of rotella.

What I am trying to get at though is if your paying for synthetic oil, you should not be changing your oil every 3k miles. If you are your wasting money and time.

I worked as a lube tech for 6 months last year and another tip I have for you is after all the oil has drained out of your car pour .2l of new oil in and watch it flush another .5L of crappy oil out of your engine. We never did this or even allowed it to fully drip dry doing 15 minute oil changes all day long and after having the customer start there vehicle you could see the colour of the oil already degrade. If your engine is contaminated with shit when you put the oil in it will dirty up way faster. and while you throw out the .2L of fresh oil it should make up for the difference in keeping the oil clean and in the engine longer,

Just things I have noticed. I drive 27k miles a year and have done over 1000 oil changes (lamest job ever.)

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