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2013 HK system same as 2012? Cool feature in 2013...
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Ok - so while at the dealer this morning getting my auto headlights fixed, I was looking at a 2013 Outback limited - it has what appears to be the same HK system as you find in the 2012 models - however, the sales guy showed me something really cool - when you put the car into reverse, a rear view camera displays on the HK system . Now, previously, folks had said that the HK system couldn't handle a video-in - however, this is definitely not true in the case of the 2013.

<Note - this is not the navigation system - this is the H/K stereo with the 4.3" color display>

So, what would be cool to see is if the part numbers/pinouts are different for the 2013 vs. the 2012 HK stereo. (or if the part numbers are different)

The only difference I can see is that for 2013, they have "Harmon Kardon" written on the front of the radio, while for the 2012 they did not (also - the front speakers in the 2012 had the silver "Harmon/Kardon" logo on them, while the 2013 does not, so I figured the printing on the 2013 was so that they could simplify things and only have one version of the door cards, instead of a different one for cars with the H/K system. Going through the menus on the stereo, I didn't see anything different - it looks like they are the same thing...

it would be cool if you could add a rear camera to the 2012 system... or for 2013, if you could add the Outback camera onto the Legacy system... (since only the Outback comes with the rear view camera and the HK stereo - it only comes in the Legacy if you have NAV.)

(also - they had a BRZ limited that someone ordered then backed out of - pretty sweet looking car!)

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