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In your op you said "I was tunning my car". To us that means you yourself were tuning it.
There are a lot of us here that do self-tuning and also have help from tuners and that's exactly how your statement was construed.

You wanted the straight answer and we gave it to you.
I merely attempted to explain a bit of the why behind it.
Octane or gas is not the only factor and that's why I called you narrow minded.
I addressed the reason why the car SHOULD be just fine in the summer as well.
You dismissed that on the basis that I was off-topic and wasn't talking about the chemical make-up of gas.
You wanted an answer relating to gas but the answer as to why the car should be fine in the summer doesn't solely rest into what's up with the gas.
It also depends on environmental factors.
California suffers from quality control which means you don't always get what you pay for. The reason the Cobb ACN map is there is to give extra security.
The reason the compensating table is there is due to the simple fact that yes, the car runs safer in the winter and is prone to knock in the summer because of the difference in gas, sure, but more importantly, much higher intake temps and combustion temps, air density etc. Despite what you think this is a clever and safe approach. It's there in the stock tune and is there in most if not all off-the-shelf tunes. So I am not entirely sure why you would say the Subaru map is "so pathetic to compensate".
Zeroing out that table, in effect making it so that the car does NOT pull any timing in response to the likelyhood that it will knock during summer is each tuner's choice.
Take my example. We tuned the car also in spring just like you, also not sure on what gas blend. I am not confident all the pumps switched to the summer blend.
Summer came. Car ran fine. Gave back some timing. Winter came. Knocked. The car added back too much timing. Retuned and we found a nice balance between the two.
Here is another short answer.
If your tuner can't give you a map that runs safe both winter and summer, get another tuner.

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