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Temperature plays a more important role here. That is where you are wrong and that is why you thought myself and iNVAR were off-topic.

Octane rating is octane rating. If it didn't meet 91 or 93 it would not be labeled as such. Barring that article and all things being equal, under most circumstances there is no need for summer and winter maps. We cannot give you the ultimate answer. It depends on the tune and how your car runs!

However, just looking at gas you are not getting the complete picture.
You may run into other problems making the car not run right, such as overboost, TOO MUCH timing added in the winter.
Like iNVAR and I mentioned, it depends on what the tune is.
If that table that we are talking about is zeroed out, you're good.
But, just so you understand, there IS a table which ADDS timing the colder it gets and SUBSTRACTS timing the hotter it gets.
So if the car is tuned at the very edge of running safe and during the winter now the car adds timing, it CAN throw the car off to unsafe levels and it WILL knock.
So! What does your timing compensation table B (IAT) show?
You should know this since you tuned your car.
Instead of getting angry, you should offer some more background because so far you've come across as missing some crucial overall information and getting hung up on an article you read online.

And, again, just because we have now established and resolved the issue of winter vs summer gas, you should still datalog the car to make sure all is well.

None of the conversation was off-topic, there is no whining here, you are a newbie looking to learn so if you hope for future help, it may be best that you set aside that attitude and aggression. A little humbleness never killed anyone. An attitude will marginalize you here real quick.

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