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Originally Posted by Kennyfvholla View Post
So, I finally got the car on the lift today. Found out my other oil leak is from the other valve cover, I have almost no rear pads left, and the reason my whole car keeps shaking back and forth when I give it gas is because almost ALL the body mount bushings on the rear subframe are SHOT. I'd just replace them but most of the bolts back there will brake or not be able to be used again (there's rust). So it looks like I will be swapping my WHOLE rear subframe out for the one from my Outback. It's in MUCH better condition and is also aligned properly. Yay.

The weirdest thing about this car... ONLY the rear part of the chassis, rear axles, and parts of the rear hatch have rust on them. The rest of the car is freaking spotless. The whole thing will be next wednesday. I'm taking a break form this car for a week.

Oh yeah, found out my trans issue is internal. I won't be screwing with it. I'm just going to buy a used unit.

Ken do you have a trailer hitch on that car? Someone could have been backing a boat down a ramp. Those are the vehicles I typically see rust on the back only.
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