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interesting write up. it is so extreme i do not know if i can believe it. but i thought you would enjoy the read.

Originally Posted by DPsSube3
Well, I worked for Mobil Oil when Mobil 1 was developed. We used two test fleets.... Took the engines apart in each fleet and measured all engine tolerances related to oil wear affected parts before the beginning of the test. Both fleets of cars were driven for 100,000 miles. The Mobil 1 test fleet did NOT have the oil changed for 100,000 miles, BUT the filter was changed every 3,000 miles and the filter oil loss was added. The other test fleet of cars with conventional oil had the oil and filter changed every 3,000 miles. Every 3,000 miles the engines in both test fleets were torn down and measured. After 100,000 miles the Mobil 1 fleet showed less wear than the conventional oil fleet showed after 3,000 miles.

Since the mid 70's I have only used synthetic oil in my cars. I have never had an engine problem. I have always changed to synthetic at 3,000 miles and then followed the car company interval which ranges from 3,000 miles to 15,000 miles (BMW). Subaru has gone to synthetic oil in the 2013 Outback. On a new Outback they want the oil and filter changed at 3,000 miles and then 7,500 mile intervals. With synthetic oil one can go beyond the change interval without too much worry. Note that the filter size on the new 2013 Outback is fairly small, which is why I would not extend out the interval. If you ever saw a BMW oil filter you would recognize why they are able to push out the interval to 15,000 miles.

I would not recommend synthetic oil on an older car where conventional oil has been used for multiple years.... The engine wear is already done. Synthetic oil will have little benefit and if anything may show up as leaks in the gasket areas etc....

My 2 cents worth... I hope this helps...
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