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 Oregon OBXT
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Thanks KTM.

Starting with you last point, I don't disagree with you on 'just getting a LGT' statement. If one didn't own an OBXT a clean sheet LGT would be the way to start. In my case I already have an OBXT and have put $ into it due to a bad turbo. So rather than sell / re-buy I figure I'll just stick with a known quantity and build on what I have. I'm not looking to make it a trackable vehicle, just mod a little from what I have. I have seen some nice, tastefully modded OBXT's here and the uniqueness does add to the look IMO.

I have also read and posted on the forum. Good stuff there too, but no solution for what I'm looking to do. The only solid solutions that are well documented are coilovers or LGT transplants. The coils are spending and impact the ride quality, and a true LGT transplant lowers the OBXT more than I desire.

That said, I'm most likely going to try and source the 04 Eibach springs and pair them with OB KYB struts and see where that gets me. Hopefully the 04 springs will mate with the 05 perches and give me the slight lowering that I'm looking for.