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Need some help with car noise.
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So 2 months ago I picked up my 2011 3.6R with 44k on it. I noticed shortly after driving it that at 55mph I get a humming sound from the front end. 53mph no noise....59 mph no noise. The sound is something similare to closing your mouth and humming, you can feel a slight hum through the pedal and steering wheel, but more the pedal. I put it in manual mode, it does not matter what gear. It seems worse when its warm out or been driven for awhile. I only drive 15 miles each way per day. I took it to the dealership I bought it at(non subaru) and their mechanic rode with and said wheel bearing, I agreed with that and he ordered the part. When he took the car he hooked up some machine to detect sound under the car and he said he no longer thought it was a wheel bearing, but that it sounded more like a propeller bearing??...anyways he told me to take it to Subaru and it was under warranty. Subaru drove it said no its not that, their mechanic said he felt it in the seat of his pants and that it was in the steering column. I strongly disagreed as I never felt it there. They got the car up in the air and said I had a faulty Lower control arm on the passenger side and they replaced it as well as a new steering column. They called me back and said they also found a loose wheel bearing in the REAR and they replaced that. I picked the car back up after a week, and it still makes the noise. I thought maybe tires, they are uniroyal tiger paws that are pretty much brand new. I rotated the tires and it still makes the noise. I want to take it back to them but I am just frustrated at this point. Its loud enough to notice even with the radio on, plus you can feel it. Any help would be great. Sorry for the novel.
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