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Originally Posted by subielova88 View Post
I just changed my clutch from stock to a CM FX300 along with the subaru oem SMFW. I also installed the TSK3 kit with the oversized TOB due to a noise I was hearing every morning when the engine and trans was cold while the clutch was not pressed, pressing the clutch pedal would make the sound go away. And guess what?? The fricking noise is still there, same deal and I'm starting to think it might be one of the bearings in the transmission since it sounds a little bit like a grinding noise.. Any thoughts on that??
I'd think maybe the pilot bearing, really depends on the conditions when you hear the noise. When does the nose persist? In neutral? Clutch engaged? Car in motion? Possible that if it is IN the xmsn, it could be a bearing the layshaft rides on. Try and get a stereoscope orwhatever it's called to accurately assess the location of the sound. Helps to have someone help you by pressing clutch while you're looking for the source. I'm not making a judgment about your knowledge, I have no clue, but if you get a chance to look at a teardown of exactly how a xmsn works, and what is happening with shafts, gears, and clutch, it makes troubleshooting easier. I think most everyone knows pretty well most everything between the flywheel and the front wall if the xmsn, but not nearly as many have as good of an understanding of the stuff inside the casing.