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Ok just a little update for you all. The replacement parts and fluid change plus driving it a lot has solved the no compression at cold start problem. I will be changing the oil and filter soon to make sure all the crude is out of it the best I can besides taking the motor apart.

With that said I have ran into a new problem >.> I let my sister borrow the car because her's is in the shop and she has kids. When I got the car back the gas gauge was slap on "E" so I figured I would wait until tomorrow to go gas it up before work since it was really late when I got the car back. She drove it there no problem but when I went to go start it the next morning I got no fuel to the engine. I shot some starter fluid in the intake itself after the MAF, (I know better) and it fired right up no problems. I checked the line going to the fuel filter, nothing, I checked the pump itself and it works, comes on and everything. I did notice that when I took the lines off at the fuel pump itself that nothing was coming out at all. My thoughts on it is the tank was ran so low the strainer sucked up all the garbage on the bottom which has clogged it. I am out of town currently so I have not been able to confirm that thought. What are you all's thoughts on it?