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#1: 11-12-2012, 07:08 PM
Suspension/steering problem
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I need to fix a problem quickly because this is my only vehicle at the moment and drive 120 miles a day to go to work - I REALLY appreciate thoughts.

This is an intermittant problem. When there is load, the steering wheel will move back and forth. This movement correlates to wheel speed - at 10 MPH it wiggles back and forth (maybe 30 degrees), at 70 MPH it is a violent shake. When there is no load (coasting or braking), the problem vanishes.

Also, when this is happening, the car pulls hard to the left. When its not, its straight as an arrow. I do think I can hear something like a bad bearing during the worst of it but I can't be sure, the steering wheel shaking is kind of loud.

This car has new tires and 4 wheel alignment 10,000 miles ago. The power steering leaks, but I don't see that being related??? Both lower ball joints have bad boots and so could be suspect I guess. The passengers side CV joint boot is non-functional but still there, could easily be contaminated. Tie rods show mild wear but nothing that explains what is going on.

I would LOVE to replace everything I just mentioned, but for now I have to solve the big problem, and fix the others down the road.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas!
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