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Originally Posted by Kennyfvholla View Post
I'm guessing the RPM hovers at a little higher than idle when the car is stopped and in gear?

Look at the throttle body when the motor is running and car is stopped. It should look like a bit of throttle is being applied.

Did anything happen before this issue? What codes are popping up? There could be another issues that's causing the IAC to "giving it a bit of gas" or it could be a throttle body issue or it could some other issue.

What does the throttle body look like when the motor is shut off compared to when its running? What happens as soon as you start the car?
As soon as I start the car, the rpms shoot straight up to 2500 rpm & then back down to 1500, then begins & back & forth bounce between those rpm points.

There was a pinging event but I stopped that by re-adjusting the knock sensor & replacing the vacuum lines to the intake & fuel regulator about 3 days ago.

I borrowed my neighbor's scanner since mine is 4 towns away & since the scanner I used was simple, it only gave my a code w/no explanation. PO1507.

I've looked online & I've found that this can be one or many issues. I'm going to tackle this as soon as I can because if at all possible, I'd like to prevent damage.