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The colder it gets outside, the hotter my car gets...
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Ever since my rebuild, my car was fine. Now that it's getting colder, my car is starting to overheat on long-ish drives. It just snowed HARD here and I went for a drive, only to see the temp gauge jump 4 ticks. Normally when it's cold, it just jumps 1 or 2. But since it's more cold now that before, I think there's some kind of correlation.

Something else to scratch your brain: it only jumps when I drive. When I come to a stoplight, the gauge goes right back down just below operating temp. So when there's cold air going through the radiator, it overheats. When it's idling in it's own heat, it's fine.

My first thought was the thermo because it's on the outside of the engine (kinda) and the cold could be making it close up in spite of the actual engine temp. Then when I stop, no cold air is going past the outside of the thermo and the engine temp opens it again. Does this sound plausible or is there something I'm missing with this whole thing?

Thanks guys.

TL;DR: Car overheats in the cold, not when idle. I suspect the thermo to be the culprit. Thoughts?

Car info:
1998 Legacy Outback Wagon with EJ25D (HG rebuild about 2500 miles ago). No performance modifications whatsoever. I drive below 3500 rpm because I need the car to last.
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