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eBay Android HU build
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Just in case it can help anyone else out, these are my notes as I install an eBay 2-DIN Android headunit into my 05 LGT over the next couple of days. Why do it? Eh, why not? I'm trying it instead of a CarPC. Hopefully I can have nav, radio, iPhone control + charging, and OBD gauges through Torque + OBD-BT adapter and some future options through Android. If not, I've added to the "don't try this" knowledge base (LOL!).

Parts used:
Headunit Review / Summary

If there is one key word for this HU - keep trying. Or a second - flaky. It likes to freeze, pretty much every day. Not sure the balance of responsibility between hardware and software, but purging a lot of the pre-installed software has reduced the amount of crashes and sped up the response noticeably.

The hardest part is figuring things out without any documentation. Lots of trial and error. The HU is a little slow to start up and runs reasonably well, but it does respond slowly like you'd expect a cheap android tablet with a resistive screen to work. At times, it does crash / hang, which is solved by turning the car on/off. I haven't found a separate on/off switch - it always is on when it has accessory power.

That said, I've already downloaded and installed programs, so that's a big plus. Audio is surprisingly much better than the stock HU. BT phone is much clearer than the Motorola standalone BT that the previous owner installed, even using the same microphone.

And hey, it comes with Angry Birds, what more could you want?

More as I play with it.
Kyle "BlackHole"

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