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Originally Posted by ssbtech View Post
So I have my car back from a very major surgery. It's all better now.

I'd like to do a stage 1 tune so I don't have the factory tune doing whatever it does to the valves. (I think there's a timing problem with the stock tune?)

If I want to use one of Shamar's tunes, what do I need to do on my end first?

I know I'll need to format and reinstall Windows on my laptop. I'm sure those kinky websites I visit have left something on there and I don't need it taking a crap halfway through the tune.

Once done, I'm assuming I use RR to flash the ECU? I know the AccessPORT had step by step instructions for halfwits like me, I'm assuming the flash will also come with some sort of step by step guide?

What cable will I need? I have the AccessPORT V1 cable (OBD-II to Serial) and that is plugged into a serial-USB cable as my laptop doesn't have a serial port. Will that do? It works for logging.

Just in case this got missed in this lovefest for Shamar here...

Also, does Shamar do APv2 tuning? I'm thinking using one of those is safer than using a laptop for the flash. I also remember my APv1 taking damn near 30 minutes to flash the stage 1 tune. Is the V2 any faster?