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Originally Posted by ladysmanfelpz View Post
Is there anything to do to add a little life so I don't have to redo my headgaskets? Any additive to swell the gaskets?
If it is your head gasket, you're pretty much screwed. Nothing you can do can buy you extra time.

Originally Posted by ladysmanfelpz View Post
Title. I had a perfection tire do my headgaskets
You paid a tire shop to do internal engine work?

Originally Posted by spooln30 View Post
I forgot to say that using any of that miracle in a bottle head gasket repair will only cause more damage in the end. It will clog up other parts in the cooling system and cost you more in the long run.
Couldn't agree more.

Want picture proof? Here is a EJ25D I recently did a head gasket & timing job on.

The first picture is the head gaskets. See how much "gunk" is built up on them. The head gasket should be about as thick as a coin...and its literally as thick as 10 quarters stacked together in this picture.

The second picture is of the water jackets around the pistons. Now just imagine that stuff building up in the more narrow coolant passages....

Get the point?

NOTE : this stuff has the consistency of fresh dog poop...

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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