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Originally Posted by Dbl_D718 View Post
I've had my car (also my first MT) for a little over a year and I still have a jerky 1-2 shift ~30% of the time. It happens. Or I just suck.

How do you downshift? You don't have to heel-toe, but give it a little gas before/as you let the clutch out. Otherwise yes, at least in my experience, you'll have to let the clutch out pretty slow to be smooth.

Also, learn to heel-toe. It makes driving more fun, and it's useful more often than you might think in every-day driving.
I'm a little past a year, and I'll still do 1-2, even though I know "how" I do it. It's impatience. The distance between 1-2 is huge, you have to wait what seems like an eternity both for revs to fall and in how progressive you let it out. The other option is to do 1-2 super fast at like 3-4mph, and then the revs don't have to fall so significantly.

I suspect a lightened flywheel would make 1-2 much smoother, but everything beyond that would probably require you to either shift very fast, or to hold a bit of throttle.

The gearing is funky for sure.

Originally Posted by SurlyOldManMN
PS: Mrs. Surly recommends not attempting 3rd-1st.

I've found if you find yourself reaching for 1st while moving, you've probably actually mean to be pushing in the clutch and coming to a stop.

edit: Don't recall if 07 have SI-Drive, think they don't, but for people who have it, rev matched downshifting in I-Mode is an effort in futility because of how lazy the throttle response is. You have to stand on the gas to blip the throttle.