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Originally Posted by aac0036 View Post
I do want to learn to heel-toe, but I've only been driving it for ~2 weeks. That and I'm trying to progressively move the seat further back as I get more comfortable with clutch travel. And I have size 11.5 feet... so right now I sit too close to do any fancy footwork, but I'll get it with time.

Anyways, when I downshift I make sure the speed is appropriate for the next lower gear, get off the gas, shift down, and very slowly release the clutch. Most of the time I give a tiny bit of gas too. I guess I just don't really know what a downshift is supposed to feel like. Before I would just release the clutch quickly and it would buck and jerk, but now it doesn't quite do that since I'm doing it properly. I just don't know "how much" I'm supposed to feel, since obviously there's going to be some driveline shunt.
There is zero driveline "shunt" on a good down shift. The principles are exactly the same as up shifting. The goal is to match appropriate revs to wheel speed for the desired gear before engaging the clutch. Youtube "rev matched downshift", there are a number of decent instructional videos to help you figure out the technique.

Heel toe is just a more efficient way to rev match. The goal is the same. It's a difference between which foot is responsible for doing what tasks.

After a while you'll get used to just the right "blip" for dropping from various gears. IE: 4th-3rd is hardly anything. 5th-3rd might be a full pedal stroke.

PS: Mrs. Surly recommends not attempting 3rd-1st.

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