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I had a chance to try insulating the maf sensor this weekend. I used a slightly different method which might be of interest (as it is less work).

I placed small squares of 1mil Kapton tape over each screw hole on the intake. Then I inserted the maf sensor. With the sensor as a guide I poked a small hole in the middle of the tape. Next I installed nylon bolts through the tape. The size is M4x0.8.

I haven't had a chance to make to make precise measurements yet. What I've noticed though is 1) the hickup I used to have when the rad fans cycle is gone (I had previously assumed it was just the blast of air upsetting the maf) 2) the car stays in lean burn more frequently (I'm mapped to run leaner than stoich under cruise conditions) 3) the engine runs smoother. number 3 is very apparent at a few RPMS as I'm using a single mass flywheel + hardened tranny mounts.

it is too early to tell (only 40km), but fuel economy seems to have improved. after I've driven a couple thousand with this modification I will know for sure.