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Overheating after timing belt job
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back in march (12,000 mile ago) I had my TB maintenance done using all GATES parts (WP, Thermo, belts, gaskets, pulleys) about 4 months ago while driving to work (75 degree morning) i notived that my temp gauge was runnign slightly warmer than before. I got the office and it was up several ticks past the pre-TB job level (i call it level but pretty much half way between C and H in the hot) also both fans were on and it was dripping coolant from where the lower Rad hose connects to the WP.

I was going on a business trip so the car sat for 5 days whiel gone. Once i got back i took the cap off and noticed that the coolant was way down and the overflow tanks was empty. I assumed the shop didnt fill it back up all the way and the summer temps caused it to heat. I added 3/4 gal. of purified water (there was no parts store nearby) to the existing coolant and it ran fine until this morning when i noticed it heating to the same temp level. I pulled into the garage at the office and there was coolant dripping out from under my car again.

The lower rad hose is HOT the top rad hose is cooler much cooler than I would think it to be after a 26.5 mile drive. There are no obvious leaks, no odd smelling or colored smoke out the tail pipes indicating a HG leak either. This time the overflow tank is still full (from the previous fill up I filled the radiator to the top and put the rest in the overflow as insurance)

I am going to replace the Thermo first to see if that helps. Where should I burp the system after the install?

Any suggestion are greatly appreciated
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