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Originally Posted by Yfarmeaahka View Post
Alright THMotorsports had the fidanza flywheel on back order. It never said anything about it online and they never said a word until today and the package has been out for delevery sense yesterday with just the clutch kit and is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I am pretty disappointed with their service.

Now I have $217 credit from them and I believe I'm going to ask for that money back and go with another company for a flywheel. The guy said that the fidanza has had troubles with throwing codes because its too light, but could just be feeding me a line of bull to make me feel better about them not having it in stock. Has anyone had this trouble with the fidanza flywheel or one of similar weight? If so what's another good LWFW to run?
The Fidanza flywheel is on national back order since 9/15, this is why they didn't ship it to you since all of these online order places just funnel their ordering into the 3 or 4 different distributors. I have not heard of any CELs from a LWFW ONLY. We've only seen this when coupled with a LW Crank Pulley.

Exedy and ACT make good LWFWs that should fit the bill for you.

< Rant >
Get's me very when I see low-balling online Walmart folks just slinging stuff out without taking the time to actually check over what the customer wanted and verifying it shipped or isn't on back order etc. Very upsetting because when we take an order each and every order is verified because we don't slam out 100s of orders a day. < / Rant >

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