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The only thing REALLY that is going to hold you back from being as good as a Jeep, truly, is the lack of low range. You can hack the body up and armor it, put big tires on it, lift it, put a winch on it, but when it comes down to it, crawler gear is what gets you over rocks, up tricky inclines etc. You are going to have to make up for it with momentum, which is fun but... Doesn't end well when rocks, trees and other close, hard skinned obstacles are involved.

I don't know too well how the subaru AWD system works, but if it can be modified to give FULL power to the RWD all the time without affecting the transmission integrity, you could run power through a stub shaft into a Suzuki Samurai divorced transfer case (which you can custom build with different low range gearsets fairly inexpensively) and utilize solid axles with real lockers instead of CVs with limited gearset options and only a rear limited slip.

The Subaru suffers from gawd awful ground clearance and like, a 10 degree approach angle. That bumper is going to hurt your approach angle. I would look at a prerunner truck style wedge skidplate in front with a bumper that actually is level or above the hood line. So if you cant get your tires up on an obstacle, you can use momentum and the wedge to slide up onto it so you can bring your tires to the obstacle. Probably will want to get a similar setup going in the rear, perhaps cutting out the spare tire well and removing the rear bumper, and fabbing one more wedge shaped and shortening your tail pipe so you can get your departure angle up. Drive up on to a steep obstacle and the cars butt will drag and your tailpipe will smash... The only other way to avoid those things without body mods is by lifting it to the sky, which also helps approach and departure angles... But still leaves 5mph impact bumper covers vulnerable.

I would also like to make my Subaru more offroadable so I've been thinking about this stuff.

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