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Trying to diagnose a 91 Legacy with a tilted wheel
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Hello to all,

I have a wonderful 1991 Subaru Legacy but I have noticed a problem with it. The right rear wheel deviates significantly from all the other wheels, the bottom tilts inwards. There are, at present, no other symptoms except from the obviously expected excessive tire wear on the outside. It's a new tire so that's not an immediate problem, and I have actually had one mechanic tell me not to worry about it, but you can take one look at this car and see there is something wrong and it is making me very nervous to drive it until I figure out the problem. The other mechanic I took it to agreed it was obviously wrong but was unable to give me any options other than bring it in to be aligned and hope they would figure out the problem while trying to align it, with an estimate afterwards. I love this car but major repairs on it at this point could easily exceed the value of the car, and I just got working again after a layoff so I cant afford to throw around any more cash than I have to.

So far I have asked several people more knowledgable with cars (I am a computer repairman, not technically helpless, but not particularly knowledgable with cars either) for help and gotten a couple of suggestions. I have crawled back under the car and inspected it visually several time. It appears from what I am told that the only explanation for this tilt would be the strut or the bearing. If it were the strut, I am told that the suspension on that side would be noticeably weaker,and/or there would be evidence of movement where it attached to the wheel, neither of which is the case. But if it were the bearing, I am told, then I should be experiencing strange noises, grinding... none of that is happening. At most I might detect a bit of roughness from that wheel on corners, and even that might be me being oversensitive since others have driven the car and detected no problems, smooth and perfect.

To recap, the right rear wheel is tilted, the bottom inward, no noises, no whining, no other obvious symptoms, aside from tire wear. Anyone seen this before? Or have a theory? I would love to hear it.
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