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Originally Posted by UnBeGleavable View Post
Oh I totally agree I felt like shit crossing it. I use to ride that road a lot when i lived in the valley and have seen some real bad accidents cause of it. I actually know the two guys that passed as it happened and apologized for it. I cycle as well so I was trying to give the guy plenty of room. It's a bad situation all around that I could of not been in had I been going slower. And it's a stock CBE just has a Charles's down pipe.
Very glad to hear you say this, thank you.

Originally Posted by TurboLag23 View Post
Agreed, although it's worth re-iterating that that road is frequented by cyclists. Which I hate, because they go very slow and pose a huge danger to themselves by being on a road where motorcycles and cars go very fast.

I drove the lower part of Mulholland Highway every day to get to school up until june of last year when I graduated; I'm well aware of the biker situation around there. Although I know there's no way to keep bikers from riding those roads, I wish there was. I don't mind being held up, but I always give bikers a wide berth, and having to do so on such tight roads when you or the other people around you are going really fast can be a bit harrowing.
Yeah, I agree 100%. Amazingly enough, I feel as though the cyclists pose the biggest danger to the cars and bikes on the road on The Snake, not the other way around, because so many of them think it's fine to ride two ride in the middle of the road while climbing at super slow speeds around blind corners. And don't get me started on the ones wearing headphones, f**king stupid! And then compounding the issue is that The Snake is a very physically challenging climb, so a cyclist that is hugging the right side of the road can swerve towards the middle as he is exhausting himself to get up the hill and remain upright. So all of a sudden, that cyclist you were giving plenty of room, is swerving RIGHT in front of your car/motorcycle. It's really just a bad recipe all around to have so many cyclists frequenting that stretch of road.