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Originally Posted by TheOneDoubleN View Post
Nice video, the snake (mullholland) is one of my favorite roads, check out Latigo Cyn, Decker Cyn, and Piuma Cyn nearby, also phenomenal and much less people and cops. Your car sounds ridiculously good (what kind of exhaust is that?), and the camera shots, and panty shots, are very impressive.

Now, I have to scold a bit:

The places (ESPECIALLY the first time) where you crossed the double yellow were NOT OK. As an avid motorist, motorcyclist, and cyclist, I have seen far too many accidents on that road. Yes, you only went over a little bit, but as you probably noticed, there are too many asshat motorcyclist out there that treat it like a race track, and literally RIDE that double yellow. So when a motorcyclist comes around a blind curve at full, knee dragging lean (which they SHOULD NOT BE DOING on the street), and you're only half a foot over the double yellow, with a cyclist on your right side (who has no shoulder), if all three of you met at the same time (which almost happened in your video), the results would be catastrophic for at least one of you.

You're not a bad driver (in fact I have to say I go much faster on that road), but it just doesn't take much for a bike and car to come together around a blind curve like that when both of you are on the double yellow. And unfortunately, since the (stupid) biker is riding near his limit, he doesn't have an ability to turn tighter and correct ("swerve") in that situation.

So my goal here is not to make you feel bad or flame you, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think twice next time about crossing the double yellow unless you can see for several hundred feet and are absolutely certain there is no one coming the other way next time. The biker that shook his hand at you was completely in the right in being angry.

Personally I think riding a bicycle on that stretch of road is downright suicidal, and it's why I don't anymore, because over the years the bikers, and cars, have become more and more aggressive, and thought less and less that gee, when I come around this blind corner, there could be a biker riding 4mph uphill in the middle of the road, will I be able to stop before plowing through him at this speed?


P.S., your gf is a good sport and has a nice rack.

Here's a good cross section of the stupid deadly shit I see on that road. Notice how many motorcyclists crash and slide right over that double yellow, becoming a good candidate to be run over. Someone crashes out there nearly every, single, weekend. Let's be careful out there folks!
motorcycle crash best of mulholland - YouTube
Agreed, although it's worth re-iterating that that road is frequented by cyclists. Which I hate, because they go very slow and pose a huge danger to themselves by being on a road where motorcycles and cars go very fast.

I drove the lower part of Mulholland Highway every day to get to school up until june of last year when I graduated; I'm well aware of the biker situation around there. Although I know there's no way to keep bikers from riding those roads, I wish there was. I don't mind being held up, but I always give bikers a wide berth, and having to do so on such tight roads when you or the other people around you are going really fast can be a bit harrowing.