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We're talking about stock pistons here.
Holsets will turn 22Es w/stock pistons into paperweights in seconds, no questions asked.
Hell, high boost levels will cause a 22E to implode in dramatic order.
As for the hybrid, I would expect it to be no stronger or weaker than a 205 or a 22E, piston-wise, since they are cast.
The weakness still applies.
Pistons will go first, so don't expect too much out of this block.
It is NOT an EJ22T.
There are people using the 22E as replacements for their broken 205 blocks & they are working out just fine.
I'd imagine that 20% extra displacement contributing very well to off-boost power & early spooling up though.
You'd probably have to tune it a little & f**k with the timing a few degrees to get it just right thanks to that extra displacement & higher C/R combined w/boost.
If you set everything up like a 205 though, it WILL run well.
I have an N/A version of this engine in my car (25D heads/22E block) & the stock ECU runs this combination well (It's a little stronger than a SOHC 22E in mid range power & the MPGs are phenomenal for a Subaru period.)
Running a 22E block/205 heads & WRX ECU will open you up to that much more tuning & power possibilities.