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i was thinking just rods...but maybe not...i'll go back through the engine info. its hard to gauge how strong these ej motors are... seems most do sti swaps and just live with that. i am always looking try new ways

in the audi/vw world the weak point is the rods. almost all the factory turbo cars have a forged bottom end if you just do rods, you can handle 400+. even if you have cast pistons you can still run some boost, just dont crank the timing or run the egt's up. run 93oct and have a good tune.

1.8t's come with dinky little ko3's. on an oem upgraded can bend rods with a torque spike if your shooting for 25psi+. because full spool is like 2200rpms. gt2871 will bend rods if your not careful so if you do a t3 super 60 or even a gt30 your safe on stock rods because of the slower spool. guys running around with 30r's stock bottom end, 93oct, 23psi, 350whp all day...but your tune better be spot on. now any bigger...your going to want rods anyways.

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