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How I improved my 0-60 buy 1.5 sec for free
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Yes, it was a catchy title, and no I don't have anything for you. Really I'm just so frick'in happy I found what I found as I've been totally depressed since I bought my car a year ago because the performance has been so bad since I bought the car.....

My car (2006 LGT 5EAT) manages, at best 7-sec 0-60 times, and while some here tell me that's about average, I know the car is running like crap. It just feels heald back. Something is wrong. I know the car wasn't abused before I got it with 40k (has 62 now) because I know the woman I got it from. Shes like 64. She took over payments from her son (and sold her car) who had bought it and got shipped off to Afghanistan a month later. When he came back he told her he didn't want it. So she kept it until 2011. I told her if she wanted to sell I would take it in a heart beat.

Ok so, what happened? When I changed the air filter I took the shroud all the way out to look down inside. There were leaves and a f-ing paper towel jammed in the air intake tight as crap.....

Ran my 0-60 1.5 sec faster. It's like having a new car and while at least 1/2 of you will berate me for not checking that in the first place, I'm just so frickin happy it can breath again!!!

Before fix:

After fix:

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