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Need help with Alignment, no one can align this car in this town!
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2000 legacy L wagon. Couldn't find an alignment shop that could align the car, found one and after going there 8 years, the guy that ran the machine died. Back to the alignment wasteland. I've been to one shop that really didn't do much of anything correctly. I went to one this morning that tried to tell me I have no front cam bolts, I said I do I just changed the struts I know they are in there. They aligned the front but claimed there were no adjustments for the back and it's out.

This shop gave me a printout so that's progress. It shows the front is ok now but the back is out Camber -1.9 degrees drivers side, -1.1 degrees passengers side, everything else is within specs front and rear.

I'm pretty sure there are camber adjustments for the rear or at least an aftermarket camber kit. I'm out $50 for today if I get this stuff and go get another alignment there, but at least I won't destroy the new tires in my garage waiting for the time I ever get the car aligned.

What do I need to tell them about rear camber adjustments or do I need an aftermarket camber kit?

It's a good thing I just changed my own front struts so I could tell the tech that there actually are camber bolts in the front. Wow, seriously this whole town is driving around with mis-aligned subarus.
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