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Just wanted to give my two cents on this because sometimes I feel im in that situation where I should either give business to vendors or an outside source.

First off, I believe that since vendors are on the forums, its a given that they answers questions without expecting anything in return. You give your insight to show your passion for your products and willingness to help. Then, if the buyer sees fit that you have done him well then maybe (if price is a non factor) he will buy through you. But to call out and act childish about not having one person buy from you is just plain unprofessional.
I can understand where your coming from in that you put all your time in to help somebody out, but thats just business. Sometimes you get peoples business and sometimes you dont. But you leave a bad taste in peoples mouth specially for all to see, and havent been professional to admit you were wrong and to apologize.
Sometimes you have to offer your guidance and help to someday have somebody come to you over the other for your customer service.

Customer service is key to making a connection between consumer and supplier. I just think you went about handling it the wrong way.

But in fairness, I always try and let vendors know im in the market for a product and to give me their best price and ill tell them competitors price. However, sometimes you just need stuff now and other factors contribute to where the end result needs to be quick and easy.

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