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Originally Posted by AZP Installs View Post
The point is, you came here asked for advice, got a ton of it, then proceeded to go elsewhere to buy it. It doesn't matter that much since we do about 5% of our business in selling parts. However, when my expertise is taken advantage of, it gets me fired up. Please, in the future email the sellers on eBay with your questions and see how fast or how in depth their responses are.
I have to jump in and just play devil's advocate for a moment. I have nothing against the vendors here and must say that both Infamous and AZP are probably some of the most helpful information vendors on this board.

I gotta stand behind the OP on this one. Considering the guy had a question, got some opinions and ordered off of Ebay because it fit his budget and also he couldn't wait to get these parts replaced. Your direct communications in regard to his question were you carried the parts and soccer moms don't complain about added NVH. Of course the plug for your business as well (which I don't blame you for in the least).

I understand that you have vast knowledge that you share willingly with members of this board and it is always appreciated. Some other members chimed in on this thread passing down some of the knowledge that you/your shop had imparted on them.

I just don't see how you can totally attack the guy for finding the best option for himself, given his financial standing and need to replace the parts sooner rather than later. I think any of us in a similar situation would make the best decision for ourselves/our car from the OP's standpoint.

And telling the guy to basically screw off and reach out to Ebay sellers for any future needs...c'mon. Had he had posted in your vendor forum, or maybe you had a detailed PM conversation with him that we weren't privy to, I would understand. But I do find jumping down his throat given the context of this thread absurd. It's instances like this that drive newer members away from great communities such as ours. Doesn't give them the chance to learn how this forum works, how to effectively utilize search, and who the best/helpful vendors are here (which in turn leads to eventual business).

Maybe it's Monday and I don't want to be at work, which makes me grumpy. I know I'm one of those lurkers here that doesn't have too much to offer up, but stuff like this gets me fired up a little when I fully read through the context of the thread. My flamesuit is on, and to not start a war, I won't argue any replies to this.

Again, nothing against the vendors here and the knowledge they freely share. Just think that we sometimes kind of forget what it's like being the new guy and not having a good working knowledge of the nature of the beast...and our beastly manly man cars. lol

Happy Monday!!