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Originally Posted by stevo0525GT View Post
mods include fp black Turbo. Fmic. Borla headers with perrin up pipe and down pipe. 850 CC dw injectors. Grimspeed air fuel seperator and light weight crankshaft pulley. Recently installed a brembo brakes and Cobb SF intake tial q bov and Cobb ap.
Originally Posted by stevo0525GT View Post
I haven't dyno tuned my car yet since the new Turbo
Can you clarify what set-up your car is tuned for?

Did you get a tune when you installed your turbo, and now you added a BOV and an intake with no tune? Or have you never had the car tuned?

There is the distinct possibility all of these could be fixed with a trip to your tuner. Does the Tial BOV have recirc or is it full VTA? If you are not recirculating enough then your car will do crazy things. Your ECU also probably needs to have its MAF scaled for the COBB intake. I know COBB offers off the shelf maps for their intake but they do not have an off the shelf tune for your setup (different turbo, FMIC, headers, ect).

I also imagine that once you throw the codes that you are your ECU goes into limp mode, which would also explain why you are running rich... it just adds extra fuel because it has no idea whats going on and its trying not to grenade.

Once you make sure that there is in fact no vacuum leak and that your O2 is OK, you need to get it tuned ASAP.