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From here it looks to be a good buy. Looks like it was maintained very well. Only problem is pricing. No way I would pay 15k for a 7-8 model year old car. For a little over 10 more grand I could get a brand new BRZ. Max I would pay for that is maybe 13k give or take a couple hundred.

KBB is less than 15k

And with the mods it should decrease the value as well. If it was stock than that would be still a crazy price to pay for a car that old, regardless of the miles. But somehow I dont think the guy will be budging on his price too much.

Also, from my point of view the LGT has many qualities over the WRX. But it all depends on the demographic your trying to fit in with. For example, if your young and you want your car to stand out then definitely go with a wrx. But if you like something different and the sleeper look go with the lgt. Also, stock for stock the lgt is better power wise. Also the potential is a lot greater as well.

A lot of different variables in which you could look at cars. I had looked for 6 months for wrx's and then I took one look at the legacy gt (06 spec b) and I fell in love. Total sleeper and doesnt draw the cops attention as much as the wrx and sti. More power than wrx and more unique. Figure out what you want. Research Research and Research some more. Dont settle on anything. This is a big investment and you dont want any second guesses a week after. Even if its the color, trim, watever.... Get what you want and dont stop looking until you find it.
There will be a great deal one day but DONT let it get to you. Unless it has everything you want, dont get it. It may be tough, you may day dream like crazy about it. But there will always be cars for sale, and yes even the one you were fantasizing about.

Also, find a mechanic you trust that REALLY knows subarus and has experience with aftermarket parts because its going to be hard finding a wrx and even a lgt these days without mods done to it. It'll cost like $100 for the look over, but in the end its worth it. Try and get the seller to pay half that way he can use the receipt for future potential buyers. Anyways, good luck and I hope you find what your looking for!