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It would only be worth taking if it were locked up and if any car in that line said money other than the trailered in race car mine did. Apparently you are completely devoid of street smarts.

Originally Posted by thisisthenewsic View Post
And im stating I felt cheated but never whined about it on a public forum like yourself.
You are currently whining and still saying you were cheated and even saying it was rigged MONTHS LATER even though you LOST fair and square. Apparently tossing on a few parts, SOME OEM, isnt that impressive or did you somehow miss that? Maybe next time you will consider some CUSTOM work if you actually want to win because otherwise, I just might. If I do show, it will be specifically to beat YOU.

Originally Posted by thisisthenewsic View Post
I got over it. I brought it up as a comparison as I let it go and got over it(not whining on a public forum) like yourself Am I making a big deal about s3? No because like I've said multiple times. It's I'm the past and u must be stupid to comprehend that I guess.
No you are just too stupid to see the facts for what they are and still defend are rigged show. With every post I am more certain that you are a retard to be dismissed.

Originally Posted by thisisthenewsic View Post
Lol. I'll give u that 20$ refund if u go get a hair cut
Now you are just being insulting. Fair warning. You are not some faceless internet idiot. I will see you again and it wont be fun for you. Laugh all you want.