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Okay, so my view on subiefest.

I talked to umaire. He was first registered in the car show but was then asked to be put in a vendor booth. I also did not know he was showing. But he was involved in the competition.

There isn't enough legacys to really have a separate judging for each generation.
There was only 1 early gen. 4 4th gens and 1 5th gen. So for the early gen and 5th gen they would have won by default. Being the only entered.

What's the point of winning if you are the only one competing in your class?

Reguardless. You entered the car show to potentially win.
You did not. I did not. Jay did not. Ect.

It's life.
IMHO and not to stir up shit, but I feel I was robbed in the judging at s3. You guys can say im just butt hurt, and no effence to jay, but i have way more work /money into my car. and my car is definitely tastefully modded. I have alot of my own time building my car myself. Not by anyone else. But myself. And alot of money into it. Like we all do.

You didn't see me posting about feeling robbed. It is what it is. It's life and you move on.

And once again, I'm not trying to stir shit up or piss any one off with this post. But you have to understand it happened.

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