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Originally Posted by blklgt05 View Post
Thanks man, I currently do have the 19mm RSB and the car is very neutral. I personally don't recommend running big swaybars on heavier cars like the 5gen Legacy just so it's more forgiving when you do drive it hard. I had some big solid Cusco F/R swaybars on my 4gen LGT and unless I take the corners perfectly, I would always spin out. I had couple of close calls on the canyons. If that 24mm RSB is the solid type, that's a 406% increase from OEM and I wouldn't feel as relaxed taking high speed corners (freeway merging ramps ). I would also not recommend that for mountain roads.

I might get a slightly bigger FSB depending on how the car feels after I upgrade to coilovers. I think it's always better to upgrade the spring/strut first, get proper roll center adjustments, drive the car and then decide what you need from there on. If you are lowered, a lot of the body roll will go away once fix the roll center.
WOW. I don't think I have ever heard of anyone having as bad an experience with sway bars as yourself. I always recommend them as the first suspension upgrade. I put the Cobb swaybars on my 4th generation and the difference was night and day. I never had even a hint of issues with the car spinning out including taking 35 MPH corners at 70 in the rain. (I did set the rear to the soft setting in the winter however). Later I upgraded the front Cobb to a larger Perrin and the difference was again huge. I was really disappointed with the suspension on our 5th generation when I drove it but I knew it could be fixed so I bought it anyway. I agree the best upgrade is the struts and shocks however not everyone has $1500-2000 to do this and then you would still want the sway bars. I would agree that a non adjustable 24mm sway bar on the rear only would not be advisable however with the adjustable larger front sway bar and the adjustable rear the difference is again night and day and my car loves the mountain roads. So we are going to have to agree........ to disagree